On the Easel 3

December 31st
Great way to end the year.

Day 13 Noon
Done except for touch ups.

Day 13 Morning

December 29th
Day 11 Morning
The stamen always take a long time.
These things must be done delicately.

Ella helped me dye these last night.

December 28th
Day 10 Morning

The Gatling Brush didn't work so well.
So I'm going with the Men in Tights MLAS
(Multiple Launch Arrow System)
 December 27th
Day 9 Morning

Recreation of a Civil War Gatling Brush.

December 24th
Day 6 Morning

December 23rd
Day 5 Evening

Day 5 Morning

December 22nd
Day 4 Morning
December 21st
I let Sorrow get the best of me.

December 20th
Day 2 Morning
December 19th
Day 1 Evening

1st show done. 8 hours of sleep and a pot of coffee.
Day 1 the suns up and its time to paint!

December 16th
These have a spirit that becomes evident the moment you lay hands on them with intent. 
I have only done the primary layer of paper, but I am looking forward to this one.
 I have a busy schedule for the next couple of days. Check back Saturday!

On The Easel 2

December 13th
Day 9
Day 9 Early AM

December 12th 
Day 8 Morning

December 11th
Day 7 Evening
Day 7 Mid Morning

Studo Cat sez " Moor Paintz Less Thinkz"

Day 7 Morning
December 10th
December 9th
Day 5 Morning

December 8th
Day 4 Evening

December 7th
Day 3