More Holiday Prices for your Favorites

We are having a Christmas Open House Sunday, December 18th from 3 PM until 6. I will be showing my Paintings and Collage and I will be offering some special prices. I will negotiate whatever terms make it possible to give them to people you love. Make an offer on your favorite! If you are out of town I can ship any where in the US via UPS ground for $10.
10" X 52" 2010 Truly an Icon this represents our Family. Left to right Me, Rowena and Ella. $350

30" X 40" 2011 A collage. Some works just do not photograph and this is one. Peaceful and power I had this in my office at work for a while it became a good friend.

This one brought me a lot of heartache. All the flowers and pads are rice paper. I would be working on one and just when I had what I wanted it would dissolve before my eyes because it had become too wet.   3 hundred off what I was asking - $400.

                                                                18" X 24" 2010
Saved the best for last. A collage. I think this one is simply charming. I enjoy spending time with it. It was what I was working on when I wrote My Artist's Statement.


Our Christmas Open House

We are having a Christman Open House Sunday, December 18th from 3 PM until 6. I will be showing my Paintings and Collage and I will be offering some special prices. I will negotiate whatever terms make it possible to give them to people you love. Make an offer on your favorite! If you are out of town I can ship any where in the US via UPS ground for $10.

11' X14" 2011
These are both framed. $100 each or both for $150.  I had a great time working on these and I think it comes through when you see them in person.

24" X30" Unframed with wrap around image. $200 This is a lovely piece and even more vibrant in person.  I would like a friend to have so make an offer of what you can afford.

12" X 24"  unframed but has a wrapped image. Orientation is optional as well. I just like it in this direction, but that changed as it progressed. One of the first that I used my own lilies as a model. $175. 

On the Easel: 22

Thanksgiving Day
Sunrise Ceremony
November 20th
Touch ups and a Sunrise then I'm done.
November 19th

November 17th
I love Collage! My relationship with paper is quite different than and separate from my relationship with paint.
November 13th

November 12th

It's fuzzy because he has his paw in front of the lens . In the detail below you can see his legg crossing my hand to ge a swipe at the camera. 

Collage Petals 

November 5th

October 29th
I've away studying for a work related test!

October 16th

October 15th

October 14th
A new beginning.

On the Easel 21

October 9th
This Isn't Working!

It's not awful, I think it has promise actually, But so far it has been a product of my head and not my heart.  I will put it aside until that can be reversed. 
The Yart Show was a huge success for me. About 50 people showed up. In this case 50 brilliant, passionate, articulate people. There were so many great insights and thoughts that it has been challenging to put them all into perspective. The most important take away was that no matter how important the concept internal to my Artists Statement that concept is internal to my experience and will never be intrinsic to what is received by those that view my work. And while this is sort of baseline aesthetics it is easy for artists to forget and I was trying to be too literal in my interpretation of what my stated goal is with this series. 

Another reason for my over thinking may be that I did a sketch. I don't know that I ever did a sketch of the final image, ever. I have used them to create a feeling of where I'm headed but not of a finished idea. Perhaps I should put the sketch pad away and the painting may get more of it's own life. 

I haven't talked much about these as a finite series. But I have  65 or so left in my 100 image goal. I hope to finish this within the next 2 years. I am at a point, however, where I am thinking about the next thing and how I get there from here. The reason I had a sketch pad out in the first place was I was reviewing some imagery loosely based on my big free flowing collages I did 30 ago, before I got into theatre.  No rectangles , free floating and completely non-representational. 

Working in theatre gave me a love of narrative, 
and giving the audience something to hold onto that is part of the universal experience. But there was an energy to that old work I would like to reclaim. Perhaps this is a foolish wish, based as much on a wish for regained youth as a regained aesthetic.  

These two figure studies may be my a better thing for me to look back towards however. They are ten minutes studies. Here is some of the energy I like in my work. But :

I was working every day.

I was working very fast. 

Both of these things seem to be essential to getting where I want to be.  This makes three time in as many months that I did not want to finish a piece. I don't know how that fits in with other Artists. Please leave a comment about you own experience about this. I feel this is just a bump in the road, and all this musing about where my images should go will have a purpose. I just need to trust in myself and remember:

More Painting - Less Thinking! 

October 2nd
You're right Studio Cat, getting 3000 pageviews in our first year is pretty cool!

September 22nd
Shoreline drawn. Conceptual sketch hidden in the clutter.

September 20th
Got caught in the old "Painting Leaves of Grass"  trap.
September 18th
Too Pretty to paint inside!

September 17th

The Shoreline is taking shape.

September 10th
(Sung to your own melody)
He's a Studio Cat
Yes he's a Studio Cat
Oh, he's the kind of cat that likes to play in a studioooo!

September 9th
8 AM

6 AM

5 AM

September 7th
Fresh Start! the Canvas below is the one on the right.

August 31st
I think this one is asking to be a collage.
Update: I enjoyed the thought of this image. But I couldn't hold on to it SOOO

August 18th