On the Easel 15

May 30th

May 29th
Perhaps it should be "On the Table"

In the Garden

I was Wife and Daughter to create my own Water Garden!
Having the in their own ecosystem where I can be at  eye level has taught me about the lives of these creatures and how our distinctions between plants and animal and everything else that lives are purely subjective.

On The Easel 14

May 25th

For My Mom.

Presented to the World this day!

May 22nd

With a Collage I place the last petal and Ta Da! With a painting you're done when you Summon the courage to Put the brush down and face your work unarmed.

May 19th

May 18th
Going with paint for now.

May 15th
Details from my present Work in Progress

I used to assume that all of them  were Collages. Now I have to figure that out. But you can't just ASK them. You got to hang out with them and buy them wine by the glass and listen to their child hood stories and all about their dreams of being rich and famous models on the runways of fashion week in Milan. Sheesh!

May 12th
Felt a lot of joy in the studio this morning!

May 8th
Dedicating this one to Mom