On the Easel 18

July 31st
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July 30th

Could not bring myself to paint while Rowena and Ella were away. Just about done now.

July 23rd
Subtle additions. Now it's time for Flower Power!

July 17th

Day 1

On the Easel 17

July 11th
Done, and presented to the world.

July 10th

July 9th

July 8th

July 7th

July 6th

July 5th

July 4th

Day 1

On the Easel 16: Struggle

I'm not happy about it.
It started out happy. One of the most important Teachers of my life, John Warren Oakes had found my blogs and written to me. I was thrilled by his approval of my writing on http://asinapicture.blogspot.com/ and my Art work on this blog.  At a crucial time in my life he gave me confidence that Art was an essential part of my Self, my Being, and that I could live confidently with the knowledge I would create good things. I went on to design lighting for Theatre and I was an Artist in that endeavor.
But since I knew that he might be watching, painting took on an increased importance, I wanted to create something sourced from a time when my Art was more free spirited and of the moment - The Past.  This my friends was a trap. If my work was that way when I was young it was because I accepted my momentum. I had faith in the the next moment.
I know now this is my present's promise. I must have faith in my new ways forward. I must paint with abandon.

Too learn more about me, please visit John's Blogs:
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