On the Easel 16: Struggle

I'm not happy about it.
It started out happy. One of the most important Teachers of my life, John Warren Oakes had found my blogs and written to me. I was thrilled by his approval of my writing on http://asinapicture.blogspot.com/ and my Art work on this blog.  At a crucial time in my life he gave me confidence that Art was an essential part of my Self, my Being, and that I could live confidently with the knowledge I would create good things. I went on to design lighting for Theatre and I was an Artist in that endeavor.
But since I knew that he might be watching, painting took on an increased importance, I wanted to create something sourced from a time when my Art was more free spirited and of the moment - The Past.  This my friends was a trap. If my work was that way when I was young it was because I accepted my momentum. I had faith in the the next moment.
I know now this is my present's promise. I must have faith in my new ways forward. I must paint with abandon.

Too learn more about me, please visit John's Blogs:
Great Teachers help others create great lives. 

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments. I am so very proud of the fine art you create.