More Holiday Prices for your Favorites

We are having a Christmas Open House Sunday, December 18th from 3 PM until 6. I will be showing my Paintings and Collage and I will be offering some special prices. I will negotiate whatever terms make it possible to give them to people you love. Make an offer on your favorite! If you are out of town I can ship any where in the US via UPS ground for $10.
10" X 52" 2010 Truly an Icon this represents our Family. Left to right Me, Rowena and Ella. $350

30" X 40" 2011 A collage. Some works just do not photograph and this is one. Peaceful and power I had this in my office at work for a while it became a good friend.

This one brought me a lot of heartache. All the flowers and pads are rice paper. I would be working on one and just when I had what I wanted it would dissolve before my eyes because it had become too wet.   3 hundred off what I was asking - $400.

                                                                18" X 24" 2010
Saved the best for last. A collage. I think this one is simply charming. I enjoy spending time with it. It was what I was working on when I wrote My Artist's Statement.


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