On the Easel 24

October 6th

Presented to the world in a Sunrise Ceremony

August 27th

August 25th
With all that has been going on with the construction of the Studio it has been hard to paint.
 But I found the inner lotus this morning

July 16th

July 15th

July 9th

July 8th

June 7th

July 6th
I used the Payne's Grey  ArtBar to give an outlined edge to the flora and use a lighter wash.  I like the feel of light in this so far and I would like to keep that.

4th of July!
Light ink wash.

I am using Artbar to load pigment where I want it the most.

July 3rd

July 2nd

July 1st

June 16th

Gonna make some believe all up in it!

On The Easel 23

June 6th
Presented to the world this day.

June 5th 
Done! Hope it's Sunny tomorrow morning.

June 2nd
First layer of color in the lilies.

May 28th

May 26th
Ready for some Lilies.

May 21st
Last layer of pads. Went s little crazy with line on the previous layer.

May 16th

May 5th
Ready for the next layer.

In my garden this morning.

May 1st

April 28th

April 14th 
Work from the last Two Weeks

March 30th  

March 26th  

March 16th  

March 16th 

March 13th

A new work. A new technique!

Ella helps prepare the canvas.